Rofl Soulofdeath0 ...


Hi Ell ;p :wub:


Wow… Was that planned?

lol =p, did u end up killing him?

Lol ,what happened after

and nice kill btw

well he died :-/
and then to bank.

Do you lure to agil arena?

naw we go kq’ing and kbd’ing
were smiting the kq ya know ;p

Figured as much…

Nice kill. I thought you quit Runescape…

nice kill and thats cool you saw soulofdeath0 lol

Rofl, Is there any other iceteaz?

amazin kill mate still cnt work owt wich 1 u r tho lol. gessin mage judgin by ancient spells up.
anyways great kill

Agil luring ftw.

yeah, but it was a short hi tho lol, i couldnt even say hi back :blush:
any how, i quited rsr, i still watch, but i dont like to post or do anything meh.
but i havent quited rs :smiley: this was just post worhty :wink:


Obviously wasn’t lol

i said no, i didnt quitters lol.

ice did oyu kill soul? and nice rune whats your amge level btw??

rawr you nub =P protect item for lyfe

nah someone else got kill :s