roflmfao read its good

i’ve had the best luck in the past to days… ive been training on lessers for def and getting my wc up on willows… yesterday i got 3 rune meds… that pretty lucky… yesterday 20 wc lvls 4 tree spirts that ok and 2 dwarfs… today i got 5 rune meds, 2 dwarfs and a genie!!! thats awsope forme… im lvl 80

Nice i get loads of random events for prayer and stuff when mossie hunting…

I once had 3 mystery man come to me, 4 drunken dwarves, and 2 genies lees then 9 minutes apart from eachother come to me in 1 day. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

got 3 genies and tons of drunken dwarves the entire training day. didn’t need to make a food trip to bank the entire day.

Good for you!

Pretty nice. I’ve SEEN today mush drunken dwarfs and stuff of that, and i taght That was alot…

ive had 3 strange plants and a genie today :-p

coolio :o

So, yesterday i got 2 genies, 2-3 drunken dwarves, a strang plant (which attacked me) and a mime!!! i got mime boots and a shirt, i’ll post some pics up when my compu starts to work again!

I get random events like this:

Drunken Dwarf- woodcutting/fletching

Genie- combat training

Shade- prayer training/generally walking near varrock lol

For the paste few weeks all the non skill random events come up like that…weird :roll:

wow u guys are lucky best ive had is 1 drunken dwarf and tree spirit in like a hour or in day apart 3 tree spirits in 2 days

I dont get random events that often.I had to bury 200 bones to get zombie. I havent had a Mysterious Old Man for 2 weeks.