RolePlay Fighting Rules

T3 (I do believe thats what its called) Roleplay Fighting.

A Basic guide


Your purpose is to kill your opponent. I was a master fighter in T3 Chats. Use these things

*Swings (insert your bladed weapon here) at (See Below)

  1. Head - Instant kill. Adapted for forum use by after four posts after your own, saying connect
  2. Torso - 2 hits to Torso is a kill. 3 posts after your own, saying connect
  3. Arms or Legs - A Blow here removes a limb. 2 posts after your own saying “Connect”

(Note- After the battle is over, and you are “killed”, you are restored. Also, if you lose an arm, you cannot attack with that arm.)


Basically say Block’s (insert name here) swing
If you don’t block, you die quickly.

This is the basic guide to T3’ing.

I may choose to tell you the Advanced Rules… Its… a level above.

*Swings D2H at Torso

hmm… so basically i could go up to you and say swings great axe at ari and if you forget to say block, you are dead? wait, is this thing played in a chat room?

So… you say your attacking whoever, with whatever, attacking whenever, then say ur going for head, you wait 4 replies then say connect?

Dude. We fight in the 1 million posts thread.

BTW blocks Joey’s D2h

i dont get the connect part… is that what you say when you die?

Nope, its what you say so that they know you hit them.

poop…*swings guthans spear at leg

blocks easily

so… then why do i say connect after 4 posts when hitting on the head?

connct pl0x ftw

or does this not work since you blocked it…?

Doesn’t work, I blocked it.

You might get away with it in the mil thread, but no way in hell will i allow it outside of there…