Rome: Total War

Anyone got this yet?

I heard it had some great graphics and some good storylines. I played Medieval: Total War and that game was decent, I like the idea of creating an empire, with Armies. Nice to see a different twist on a game like Civilization.

Hey, i got it on Tuesday! I haven’t installed it yet though, it takes up a ton of space lol

~ ewok

I think I might have got it tonight because my aunt asked me if I wanted a gift because I am going to be home for anouther month and a half so I said Rome: Total war.

I have R:TW and I highly recomend it, it is very addictive, and the best, not one of the best, THE BEST strategy game ever. It has great graphics, and its campaign mode gives huge amounts of depth.

I haven’t seen Rome: Total War in action on screen but I have seen Medieval: Total War played… One of my friend’s had it and he played it all the time… It looked really cool…

You ever played Command & Conquer/Yuri’s Revenge? Dam, that’s my favourite strategy game of all time. Really Duke, it’s all about taste…I’m not really a big fan of the Roman era :slight_smile:

~ ewok

Yuri was a good game in its time, but it wasn’t “strategy”, just building

Lol, I love the old C&C games, Yuri’s Revenge was by far the best though :p. I should get around to installing R:TW.
btw, anyone noticed how old this topic is?

~ ewok

Yeah! I just go Rome Total War and installed it and so far it is such a good game. It has good graphics and everything. It is a very strategic game too. I suggest you play this game.