Royalty Of Sage now open for recruitment

The guide to our awesome clan, Royalty Of Sage. Enjoy and hope you join!

4-how to join us

  1. Hi im soccer0531 and I am the Co-Leader of the Royalty Of Sage clan, our leader’s username is sparkmasterx.

sparkmasterx use to run another clan but we decided to change the name as to many people had similar names to ours. With this new name comes a new forum.

You probably wonder why you should join this clan, not a clan with a lot more higher people and requirements, the answer to your wonderment, is that you’ll move up the ranks pretty quickly, and we are much more friendly than most clans.

We use to be the Chaos Fortress Army.

  1. Openings:
    We have 1 Warlord spot left.

We have 2 open mod spots left(must know how to use the forum tools and add stuff to the forum)

We have 3 Royalty Of Sage employee spots left.

2 spots in the Head Council left.(Make decisions for the clan and report decisions to me and sparkmasterx)

And we have 1 spot as Sargent wildy leaders left.(You better hurry because already 1 new member is trying to get up to that rank!)

  1. Our Req:You need only 1 of the following to be a member of the clan, of course, you must fill out the application form in our Forums.

65+ Combat.
60+ Range.
60+ Magic.

NOTE: You only need 1 of the following, if you have all of them thats even better, lolz.

  1. To join us, you muct come to our Forums, and fill out the application form in the “Apply here to join” Section. And after you filled out the form, me or sparkmasterx will decide if we will accept you, only then you will be a true member of the Royalty Of Sage clan.

P.S. You will most likely to be accepted.

The link to our forums is here,

  1. Unform- our uniform is very simple

warrior: Our pkin outfit will be addy with a rune wep.
mages: use any type of robes with a anti dragon shield
rangers: full green dhide or studded chaps and body.With any type of bow.

In events of the clan you have to wear whatever you have to wear in the clan event.


main world: 76
timezone: Central
cape color: yellow
highest lv: 87
leader: sparkmasterx


We will have the following events,

Snowball Fights,
PK Trips,
Water Fights,
Mud Fights,
Last man standing game,
Bronze War,
Iron War,
Steel War,
Wars with other clans,
And the last but not the least, Drum Roll We, are the hosts of the Monthly Clan Tournaments! so every week and every month we host the clan tournaments where they have wars every week!

And also you can suggest events to us and we will probably make it a clan event, if not, we will host it as a Royalty Of Sage event!

Sooo… Drumroll

Our clan may-be the best clan on Runescape when we’re about 5 months old! so come to out Forums and let’s join and let’s be Royal to thee… Drumroll again Royalty Of Sage Clan!!!