RS Easter is almost over!!!!!!

Why am I excited? Because I hired my brother to get me 100 of each type of easter egg for 1k per load. Why the heck would I do that? because I have the money, and am thinking about what happened to last year’s post-easter eggs. So what will this year’s eggs turn into? Chocolate? Nougat? Carmel? Toffee? Orange stuff? CARROTS??? will it be tradeable? or will it all just turn to rotton food? Who knows; I’m still excited!

Ill update this as things happen…

it will probably turn into chocolate dust like the candy last halloween (pardon my spelling)

Yes, but what about the 5 other flavors?

they said all would melt, and they said last year…so choclate dust

umm if chocolate melts it doesnt turn to dust

um it did last year…don’t ask me…jagex did it

jagex must’ve been stoned when they made that update

ya they were I was smoking some joints with em

lol i would like to be there wif ya and jagex lol

hmmm…chocolate becomes dust and it melts and when it melts theres magic in the air that makes the chochlate into dust,lol!!!what a lot of chocolate issues,lol

i’m guessing they’ll end up like the candy treats…all gone

Well they turned into chocolate dust…who woulda thunk it

WOOOOoooo… hoo… 600 chocolate dusts.

anyone wanna buy some rare carrot-egg chocolate?


the update a few weeks ago said it will just turn into chocolate dust, but atleast take a screenie before they dissapear :slight_smile:

Just for the record, I think Jagex announced anymore holiday items wont be tradeable. Not only that I think you got the fact that it’ll just turn into chocolate dust. At least you can make herbs with it :S

Too bad they won’t be tradable… Also too bad they will turn into chocolate dust because in like 3 years from now, ill be turning into a rabbit with a mage egg but since it will be turning in to choc dust…

OH MY GOD! THEY LIED! Chocolate dust is tradeable :stuck_out_tongue:

those bad jagex crak heads!!

Jagex changes everything every year so dont count on nething

chocolate dust is tradeable because it isn’t really rare…you can get still even though there are no more eggs and holiday right now.

i got 32 easter rings and just dropped them all today because i don’t really like just turning into an egg and not being able to do anything =(

and i gave out over 1k egg to all of the kids, thinking that i might get something for being that nice. i actually spent hours doing that for no reason now it appears like cry
i wish i could have gotten something for being that nice…