RS for beginners

i decided on my topic now im askin for help on what to include…im doing a runescape for beginners site(convinced her to let me :smiley: ) so far i have a description of rs and how it began, how to create an account(a detailed with pics description), for beginners(what to do with your new account), still need help?(links to sites like rsr and tip and runehq), and what to look forward to(things like dukes bank account, zezimas lvls, a pic of full drag and such) what you guys think and do you have nemore ideas…and like always plz dont spam my topic

edit* rs patrons/gods

i think thats a great idea i also think that u should post maybe the combat lvl formula [ive always wanted to see], full of every metal, great money-making stats such as mining and woodcutting, and stuff on PK, how to recognize scammers… stuff like that. who is she, btw?

I think its a great idea but you should make it a special report on rsr instead :wink: Do what you like though, it sounds like a great idea.

those sound like good ideas i’ll check into how many pages i can have first though but so far so good i dont think theres a limit and thx for the tips

we’ll its kinda a project for my web design class but when im done with it i’ll see if duke wants to add it to rsr

and she is my computer teacher

srry bout the double post though sport posted after me

hey im glad to know that i helped. hope u get a good grade my mom says that this summer i hafta do something like that, or enter some literature competition [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack] oe i cant play runescape anymore which means no more pking im so so so sad…