rs puzzle

heres a rs puzzle im sorry about the white stuff around it i don,t know how to get rid of it but here it is

to show thats u have done the puzzle then put it together and then show it in a post

I think you should have put this in off topic or screenshots…

Probably screenshots, nice idea though man!

Yeah it is nice though.

can u guys tell me how to crop cause i don,t know how

I think thats it. It looks weird cause I did it fast…

Well done :wink: u got it right this isn,t about this topic i know but how do u crop u know so the white stuff isn,t there

Open a new window in paint, then in the top toolbar, pick “attributes” in the one titled “image”. Set the width and height to 1, then copy the image to the new paint window, and it is then cropped (save the second window).
I think thats right…