rs tourny

i am holding a rs torunement, winner gets 100k, like most tournements i may make it so u hav 2 pay about 1k to enter, post here if you want to enter

f2p tournement

p2p tournement

fill in this form to enter

f2p or p2p:
combat lvl

winner of the f2p tournement fights the winner of the p2p tourny in wild for the money, and glory

f2p or p2p:p2p
combat lvl:102

pls post cb lvl as well

wot kinda contest is it?

fighting i think

yea what do we do? Because it its whoever would last the longest then its dumb, the highest lvls would win

u fight theres 7 catagoreys for each 1 (f2p and p2p)

lv 40-50
lv 50-60
lv 60-70
lv 70-80
lv 80-90
lv 90-100
lv 100+

82 cbt.