RS vs. RSR

I was just wondering how many of you spend more time on RuneScape Realm than playing RuneScape. (or vise-versa) It’d be neat to see.

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i spend equal. im on rsr when im on rs, and vice versa.
sickmate 8)

Im equal, I play rs while im on rsr.

I can remember making one of these topics last year but someone locked it… (dam them!)


I haven’t been on RS in a long time (about 2 months) so it has definatley been RSR most of the time of me. I have been up to my head in half-yearly study… My teachers really lay it on thick… I’m hoping to get back on RS soon though…

equal, same as sicmate =)

i never go on rs now, becasue all my friends think its sad to go on, and so do i, but i go on RSR for ages a day!

um…i dunno…i just kinda go on here check out whats new and right after i go to rs…so about the same i guess

Well. Where do I start? O.K. My brother is some really smart techie dude, and he restricted me from playing runescape until the end of the year because… My mom told him to restrict me. (Because of 1 damn C- in science) So these past couple weeks, I have been solely on RSR, and I’ve been enjoying it too! (I’ve also been on my own forums as well… lol)


I probably go on RSR longer than RS, as I’m usually on RSR when I’m playing RS, and I come on RSR sometimes without being on RS

i prefer rsr to rs

I’m on RsR ALOT more than Rs. I’m more of a forum person. I have been thinking about quiting lately too since I’m not on that much anymore. If I do quit though, I’ll still be coming on RsR.

I spend equal amounts on both.

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I play rs about 1/100th the time i spend on rsr

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I have a Powerbook and a crappy original iMac. I’m on the iMac more often, and RSR takes much less time to load. Enough said. :slight_smile: