Rsc is bettah?

Ne one thinks rsc is bettah?!?

lol lots of ppl do

i like it better, but i followed the updates

its way better y do ppl think it siucks

RuneScape Classic is better for player-killing.

Much Better!

i think rs2 is better but then again i like 2d things alot

Classic rocks

You really, really like RSC Classic, don’t you?

I think the damage and training system is better in RSc, but everything else I am not too fond of. Most likely because when I started playing I played RS2.

Considering all I do is fish to have food to pk, train to get better kills while pking, and pk itself, Classic is the game for me.

Besides, how boring is standing next to a tree and chopping it down? If you would rather cut down trees for hours on end instead of hitting 28s on people with full rune and becoming wealthy for it, then, I guess…

Classic is not for you!

na…I’d rather stand around rocks for hours and mine.

I tried that for awhile, and got my mining level to 76, but that was enough for me!

Yeah, but I’ve never had the satisfaction of a succesful kill…ever.

i would like rsc beter if ppl gave me stuff so i can leval up

RS2 rocks but i gotta give props to RSC

hav u noticed that its 16% of the vote to yah
and its 83% to nah,it dont add up to 100,but to 99

It automatically rounds to the nearest whole number.

Actually, rsc is pretty good. However the graphics system on rsc is really irritating on internet explorer 6. everyone walks then stops then walks then stops then walks… so on and so on… all in all i think it is easier to level up on rsc, but a much more, how should i say, fulfilling experience on rs2

always love the classics zelda, mario, donkey kong, rsc

i started a rsc account but i never liked playing, im a big fan of rs2