RSC Now Open To New Members

Hi im Evilbmxer, i’m the head clan leader of RSC (Rune Scape Crew. We are a new clan, but are readdy for the big times. We have Pking trips,Steel Wars, Battle Royal, Castle wars, Drop Parties, Blaze Parties and more. Here is the main requiarments.

60+ Combat
65+ mage
65+ Range

If you would like to join, go to (It’s just like a fourm, like this one) So when you go there, you will need to register, After your there, go to the board, sign up for the clan. After you sign up, the Crew will talk it over, and see if we want you. (Right now, Anyone 60+ is in)

Any problems, add Evilbmxer in RS and i’ll help yea Join the new revolution clan!