RSD is now Launched!


I am new to this site.:smiley:

I have just finished making my RuneScape Disucussion Forums.

Feel free to visit and join.

I Hope You like it. Please post a reply under this post to say whether you like ti or not.:smiley:


RSD is Runescape Dynasty…

dont click that link…

I’d rather not click it to be on the safe side >.<

ohh man I swear on my family’s and on my life it ain’t a virus or sumting. I dunt even know how to do one…im only 14 years old


well if you change my mind you can still try.

isnt this advertising a website? that is against the rules here here rite?

Yeah whatever ^

^^ N E R D ^^

come on, be nicer…

^^ S U P E R N E R D ^^

Maybe you should start following the rules…