RSE Enrollment

I’m thinking of starting a new clan called the Runescape Elites.
Our primary objectives would be to kick some behind and make alotta $$$.
If your interested in doing so then post here, im currently looking for some left and right hand men/women.
minumum requirements will be lvl 75+ combat for the pkin side of things or 60+ in 3 other skills that can make yourself and the clan a lil more $$$.
Sadly i will only allow the pker’s to be members, but for the workers you can be free world players.
If i get alotta feedback then i will be making a website for us.
so sign up here!

Join now!
post your best stats and i will tell u if ur good enough

ill join if the clan gets a website and/or forum

my stats are in my sig

well sig’s nt working so just copy and paste it without the img suffix and prefix :wink:

yeah i did so, you could be an asset.
I’ll see into the website and forum depening on how many responses i get

how active are you as a member?
how many times do you go on runescape a week?

i play rs a lot over weekends but not too much on weekdays

I’m giving you a warning king__joe, you double posted twice in this topic.