RsR Civil War

Awhile back I told you guys I was brining the RsR party back and that I would host it myself. Well here is our FIRST event of the new RsR party! RunescapeRealm Civil War. It will be a 10 v 10 war, red v blue (capes to their respective colors). Though their is a twist! Its mages and rangers versus the melee. Exact stats will be posted below and post in the topic to sign up, first come first serve and MAKE SURE YOU CAN COME FOR SURE!

-Red: Gym Leader
-Blue: I will pick soon

Red (Melee)

Melee 1: Gym Leader
Melee 2: 00Avs00
Melee 3: Ebony5
Melee 4: Hodge Pker
Melee 5: Q7Dive
Melee 6:
Melee 7:
Melee 8:
Melee 9:
Melee 10:

Blue (Other)

Mage 1:
Mage 2:
Mage 3:
Mage 4:
Mage 5: Gangster786
Range 6: Iceman2108
Range 7: R3d3mtion
Range 8: Skate Ilkley
Range 9: Pureking44
Range 10: RsR Ranger

Full Green, 300 Addy Arrows, 28 Lobsters

Full RUNE, 1 Strength Pot, 27 Lobsters (Not exactly full rune, maybe some d hide of nessasary, please 2 item rune at least)

Full Blue Wizard, Monk Bottom, FIRE STAFF, 500 airs, and DEATH runes.

Date: April 22nd (May result in change)
Time: 3:00 Eastern
World: 90
Meeting: Edgeville

Whats going to take place: We will all meet in edge and red will follow me to greaters. When we are positions I will then give the ok to the blue commander to charge up the rear. When they meet, we have WAR!

What’s the dress code and when is it?

count me in i wanna be on the ranger team heck ya

put me in the ranger team lol

Well I wouldn’t know if I can make it if I don’t know the time… I’m interested though.

skate join me on rangers u’d poon em all hehe

add me 00avs00 combat 82 prefer melee

Lol rsrranger needs practice. He shall fight with the mages and archers. Boo Yah.

Time? And I can be on the ‘other’ team, but I’m unbanned on Friday or Saturday so…

He’s 66 attack, 63 strength, 60 defense, 75 range, 60 magic, 45 prayer.

Name is Dapmpkinking

whether its f2p or p2p depends what team ill join also what are the lvl ranges?
and when will it be, i can only do it if its this weekend

add manifested08 to the blue team for now

Im adding in date and time now, and Ill add you all to list and if you cant go just PM me and I will take you off. BTW there is no level range, just to have a little fun.

Also tell me wether Melee, Range, Mage, sry if this is a double post

i would do this but im a pure and i cant wear full rune

y soo many addy arrows for 10 on 10 ur only need 200 addy arrows…
gona train range for this gona try n get 70range by then…
jst got 63range hehe

i could be blue leader. I’m fearless of dying and ive lead people for 2 years :).

Pked in Iraq, level?

im mainly doin ranger so i can team up wid skate
nd this made me train to 70range which i need for wen i get members soon hehe :smiley:

Any chance of making it on a weekend? I don’t get home from school until around 3:00PM est…

i dnt get home from skl til 4pm gmt poop
can we make it weekend cus it wil be like 10pm for me n my mum mite get mad lol
do it on friday or saturday but do it at nite

thats spring break for me 0.o