RsR Clan?

Well who would be interested in an RsR clan?

Reqs would be like 65+

Me (84) and Cicada/Dragonbaoz (87 as of 4/17/06) Would lead

I would make and maintain a Geocities Page

We Could have our own forum on the GR Thing

I’m just wondering who Would Join. Don’t Flame and call this stupid, again I’m JUST WONDERING :smiley:

Come on…PPL VOTE!!!


Feel free to pm me if any questions or post here…:cool:


I would definately join. Woot RSR Rules. BTW I am 80 combat lol.

It could just be a pking guild, no reqs or anything, just plan trips like we always do…More people will join because alot of people are in clans, and cant multi clan =P

well you could always come pking with us, but i guess there will be other things you can’t do like use a clan bank if we get one

Yeah you don’t even have to call it a clan. Just like RSR umm… pk’ing thing. Just arrange trips and stuff. Like I said I would definately come.

81 combat, I’ll join.

Shadow: Read my post above your last
zak: pleasure to have you if we make this clan

I think it’s a good idea but I wouldn’t join because I don’t really like clans and I don’t pk often, but it could be a good project.