Rsr Drop Party

havent had one of these in a while so im deciding to have one. heres the info

where: inside the fire alter world 10 (f2p)
when: this saturday june 11th 5:00 pm eastern time
what: rsr drop party

u need a fire talismin to get in i will also have some games to play :wink:

post here if ur coming

Count me in, Chaosnoob99

ill be there! ill bring stuff to drop cause im a nice kind of person like that :smiley:

I’ll be there, but I don’t know where the altar is :frowning:

the alter is located in Al Kharid NE of bank or just E of bank can’t quite remember

Oh my god I’m coming!!!

I know it won’t be like the last, I hope I can trust you.(I know I can):wink:

I’m level 26 but I can come.

RS Name is Kupiton

I hope to see everyone there :slight_smile:


P.S-Redwraith-This may be the first time I helped you:)
Fire altar is a bit north of the Dueling arena:)

ill drop some of what i have left since i was hacked :slight_smile: hey at least its sumthin :slight_smile:

I made a sig for everyone to advertise it.

Here is the code…


Take out the two }'s and make them ]'s


Ill Be There

I’ll be there probally.

o sweeet i think i will come :slight_smile:

Hey peeps use the sig lol


I’ll try to make it.

Lol, I can’t use the sig.
I’m maxed out with exactly 500 characters! :smiley:

I’ll be there!

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

i’m definately coming! I’ll drop some rune armor and other stuff…

i would use that sig cus its awesome, cept it matches nothing on my current sigs (my currents sigs are awesome and all 100% true)

i’ll come ill try to drop some stuff i dont want but is still good not junk

i am coming and if anyone wants to know where the alter is then bring your fire talisman and then it will tell youy where to go. You need it anyway to get in. Unless someone takes your fire and goes in then someone who already has a fire comes out, trades it to the person and then trades the fire to the original owner

if i can make it il be there.

Heck yea im gonna be there. I would sue the sig, but im outa space.