RSR Events Team

RSR could have a group of people who could organise events every month. The events could be things like pking trips, drop parties, trawler minigame, Buthorpe games, Nature runs, Castle Wars, KBD/Kalphite trips, etc.

The details could be posted on the frontpage so that lots of people know about it. What do you’s think?

That would be really cool! Add a poll!

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Or they could just make an events forum.

But if they had official events, then there would definately be a good turnout of people. I suppose there could be its own board aswell. It could also help spread the word of RSR

btw, I can’t make a poll now.

yeah it would be like fun but not a clan beacuse i dont like clans but i love events and there may be people who have a clan and dont want to leave


:highfive: awsome idear i belive duke could make the evets bye putting them in a sort of event forum that only he can make topics and we can post

We already have one of those, started by demonspitfir. I haven’t seen him on lately though so maybe a new one could be arranged.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

yea this is a great idea…rsr hasn’t been having any events lately

isn’t demonspitfr and dontblink2 the rsr events team?

What a big events team…

Yeah we had one of these a while back. Maybe the Calenel incident was the death of it.

Wasn’t that just for drop parties? Demonspitfir and BLink aren’t very active anymore anyway, so I think a new one should be few formed with a few members.

Sorry for the double post, but it’s been a long time since this has been posted in, and I really think that RSR could do with something like this as it would bring a lot of people to the site.

I might be able to help.