RSR History!

I joined RSR on January 19th, 2005.
That was 306 days ago.

And now,
less than 10 months later,
I am making RSR history.




I saw you at 9,999!

Congratulations on 10k.

All that spamming finally paid off, eh?

~ ewok

Lol :-p

Nah, you’re just jealous.

What is this spam you speak of?

What you’re doing now. Posting.

Check your post history :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~ ewok

Bah. Like you can talk…

wow, maybe i should spam

What was the 10000th post?

This thread :-p

At least Keyser uses colours when he spams.

Yes, the post that started this thread WAS the 10,000th post.

Congratz old mate :wink:

Meh knowing I joined a few days before you :smiley:

Yesh, Colours are kewl!!! Congratz matey.

Creative spamming

And noticed ( With the help of misterpee ) that the 10000th post was in this topic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll have you know that whilste you and your little lovers/followers mindlessly spam, I have been…Well, that is irrelivant.

~ ewok

=’[ ur sooo mean!!! i wanted at least 3k posts b4 this happened lol

Look foward. There.

Congrats anyway, I suppose.

Wow 10k posts! who can beat that? I say you at 9,999 as well. Yesterday I noticed you were really close on getting it. Congratulations!