RSR Hosting Clan Forums

Due to a number of requests, RSR is now letting clans request their own board on our forums. This will be closed (to only people you choose & moderators) to everyone except the people you permit… All you need to do is contact one of the staff members, including me, and request your own clan board. Their are the following requirments:

Been around for at least 6 months
Have 50 or more active members
Established & working leadership system
Active participation, clan events, etc.
A fairly established, easy to read, clan web site. (optional, but recomended)
Have a link back to RSR

Why you should join:

Joining gives you the benifit of a fully moderated, functional, free, and fast forum. This can save you the money, time, and hassle of trying to set up your own forums. Your members can have easy access to the excellent guides published by the RSR staff, while still keeping them close to the clan, and keeping them active. You will get your own sub-forum on the Clan Forums, where people can come and discuss your clan. A link can also be added going back to your site to increase your clan site’s traffic, and therefore its membership.

You can email or pm me if you have any questions, or if you have special considerations to take into account.

yo dude what level r u on rs…

just askin, it wud be kl if a mod told us what lvl they were

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ive got a question why did you lock my forum on THE INFERNO CLAN IS RECRUITING???

Hi, I help run our clan The Moriquendi

We have met your requirments for us to be hosted on your forums, and so that is what I am requesting.
You can check us out at to make sure for yourselves.

Thanks, hope to be hosted soon. Elf Ewin 8)

Romeo, any topic subject that is in caps WILL be locked immediately. A long time ago we contacted users, but it took to long, leading more people to do it. Just dont use caps and you will be fine.

Elfwin, I’ll talk to you via pm.

alright sorry about that but u know as well as i do that it is harder for people to notice join my clan the inferno then JOIN MY CLAN THE INFERNO and they look at how many people have posted at ur forum and when restarted i didnt get nearly as many as before but its fine sorry about any inconvienice that i have caused you.

To say the least i would like to thank the creater of this website Duke (u did create this website right??) because u have greatly increased my clans popularity and clan members i thimk u deserve a reward or somethin maybe a medal to go with u know the works :smiley:

                      :::INFERNO CLAN WILL LIVE FOREVER:::

My clan doesn’t exactly fill the requirements, I just want to have it stickied at the top so that more people will look at it and hopefully join, So what do you think, can you stick my Abadon’s Ward Recruitment?

I would like my clan Zarathix Souljahs to be stickied…

I have met all the requirements

ZS has been around for 4 months
It has around 20+ active members.
We have clan leaders
We do have clan events, pk trips, clan wars, etc…
Our website is
We would use the RSR forum as a primary forum.

Join Rikku Klan at

We are freindly clan with active forum! Also have many events each month!! Check us out and your face will be like this:: 8O

i would like to CLAN INFERNO to be stickeid it to has also met all the requirment and we have been around for about 9 or 10 months we have about 34 active members and 17 more that are on sometimes and about 20 more meeting the requirments to join so its just a request

yo every body join the fenix clan it’s the biggest clan on the whole game and as leader i want you to join you must have a minimum lvl of 50 to join so that means no noobs :twisted: 8)

Please do not waste time with pointless posts such as that…

Your post is in the wrong spot for 1, and for 2, i think we all would have heard of it if it was the “biggest”

Please do not do this again

still can i plz get an answer on stickying the clan inferno forum thx

       :twisted:  ""INFERNO CLAN WILL LIVE FOREVER"" :twisted:

How do I make my own clan?

I would like to have my clan added its called Dragons of Hell and the website is

this is going to sound overly redundant, but i would like my clan to be stickied.

My clan meets most of the requirements except clan events. (we have been having to reorganize after a schism)

the clan website is henceforth:

i would like to have my clan stickied and have a private forum. we meet all of the requirements. We are called the Baddian Empire. i am the second in command there and one of the founders.

Hi, I was wondering, could you remove the stickied topic for The SYnergy recruitment. I am the leader of The Synergy and this topic is FAR outdated. If I can, Id like to have that topic removed and repost my own topic.

A little info about our clan:

110+ Members
All lvl 75+
Been aorund for a good while now.
VEry VEry Very active on RS with TONS of events.
Forums are also Extremely active.
We are a very established clan and Id like to redo that EXTREMELY outdated topic made by our council member Dragoneye79 if its possible.

~Eragon Cd~