RSR is Back!

As most of you know, RSR has had is fair share of problems over the past few months, cluminating in a hacking incident that almost shut us down.

I am happy to say that RSR is fully back online, with a faster server, up-to-date forum software, and a more secure and stable platform.

Above all, I just wanted to extend a personal thank you to each of you - it is the member that always made RSR great!



-Removed server vulnerability hole (30Mar12)
-Resecured db/ftp with new passcodes/names (30Mar12)
-Reset forum settings to original (30Mar12)
-Re-uploaded all files on server with secure originals (30Mar12)
-Removed faux admin accounts (30Mar12)
-Fixed db error that would sometimes crop up when posting (30Mar12)
-Got icedearth15324’s Admin powers back (30Mar12)

-Moved site to new, faster server (30Mar12)
-Moved forum to the .com (30Mar12)
-Fixed db error that would sometimes crop up when posting (30Mar12)
-Added new “Members Online Today” box at the bottom of forum index. (01Apr12)
-Reintroduced a much improved version of the old arcade, sadly the old scores could not be carried over. (01Apr12)
-Added Shoutbox (01Apr12)

Wow, a lot of work must have went into it, thank you Duke! Now, how are we going to get people back onto the forums?

Great to see RSR running back at 100%. Now this place just needs some revitalizing so it can turn back into that community we all knew and loved.

Sorry, had to add in something you missed.

I wonder which one you did… Umm… The moved forum to .com one?

It’s great to have RSR back. Super exciting. Realistically I doubt it’ll ever actually get back to it’s glory days but hey, it’s worth a try right?

Wow :o Very cool, it would be fun to see this place at least somewhat active. Thanks a lot!

Awesome to see it back online and in good order. Maybe we can get some momentum going again.

Re-added the arcade, sadly old scores couldn’t be carried over so its anyone’s game now.

What are your guys thoughts on a the right sidebar, I’m torn between the greater amount of info vs the cluttering it brings.

Also, are you all comfortable with the current ranks and images? Considering a move to more unique/standout rank images that will allow for greater differentiation between the various posting levels.

Added shoutbox, essentially a chatroom on the main page.

I like the “unique/standout rank images”, I think now is the perfect time to overhaul old features and implement new ones such as the ranks and images.

Also I don’t know if you have considered it but I personally think not bringing back chronicle layout is a good idea, we all know and love it as the classic RSR, but like I said, I think the time for change and rebirth is now.

About the sidebar, I think it’s pretty good. The fact that you can open and close it makes it relatively unobtrusive. However, is it possible to have the sidebar like feature on the homepage? An example of what I am talking about could be found at mmochampion near the top. I think it’s a good feature when you come to the site and the first thing you see are some of the active threads and forum posts. It lets people seamlessly jump into conversations.

Added Live Forum Feed and Live User Feeds, easiest explanation is a Facebook like feed of forum activities.

As much as I loved Chronicles, I agree that I would like to go a new direction. Right now trying to find a style that not only looks good, but offers maxiumum stability with ugprades/forum changes. Chronicles was an absolute mess anytime I needed to upgrade the forums or add features.

Not certain what you mean with the homepage, as now the forums are at the .com (there is no site proper). Currently debating whether to go with Newest Threads or Newest replies, your take?

My comment about the homepage was in case you were going to bring one back.

For Newest threads vs Newest replies, I’m a bit partial towards replies. Replies really shows what people are interested in, threads could end up just being drowned out by more threads.

I’m kinda with more replies too personally.

Not that it matters much for me, I just click the “New Posts” and that’s the extent of what I do on RSR.

Good to see the forum looking nice and active again. I am happy to access my old account and come back here. It brings back fond memories.
I will stop in from time to time. :slight_smile:

MKM! Glad to see you again, its Liam right?

Yes Liam :slight_smile: Great to speak to you again and I am glad to see you have restored RSR to it’s former glory. I tried my username when I received an e-mail and I was unbanned. Which I am happy about, as I was a silly little guy hehe.

Great to see some the old fa-… names again. Sometimes pondered what happened to most of them ^^
So, awesome dedication you showed there Duke for bringing RSR back after all this time :slight_smile:

And ah yes, MKM. The one time I rebelled against someone. No hard feelings I hope? ;o

I think we’re all grown up now!~ Right?

whoa ;o this is crazy! What’s everyone up to? I’m not doing much… just been in the Air Force for 4 months now, lol.