RSR KBD/Kalphite Trips

There has been some small changes to my clan Runescape Heaven.
We are now the RSR KBD/Kalphite Trip group. We have some opening positions. We will hold events all the time calling everyone to come for trips against the kalphite and against the KBD. Lets say 5 people went to come kill the kalphite and we got dragon chain. We would sell for for 30M and each person would get 6M.

~Opening Positions~

Leader - Gym Leader
Co-Leader - Casey Dog0

KBD Advisor (Sets up KBD trips woth Leaders)

Swordfish Fisher & Cooker, Sells lobsters to us for 250gp each.

Map Leader (Leads us into the monster)

(More Positions Soon)

Post here to join. Or contact me on RS at Sincere Soul or Gym Leader

You would need like 5 level 100’s with 99 str and stuff to kill it lol, its not easy… lobbies wont do for all you need sharks…

Edited Thanks, Swordfish are good enough, not always sharks. To expencive.

i dont no what the kalphite queen is exactly i thought the KBD was the most powerful creature in the game but i no it can hit 48’s

Would you like to join? No kalphite queen is level 333.

wow 8O lvl 333 why dont it say it in the manual? i would love to join and i am lvl 60 combat , but i am not a member

Ok, For everyone to Know. In my sig is my website. There under the forums is out group for joining. It has a member list on there.

wat bout my other question why isnt kalphite queen mentioned in manualand wat are the requirements to join and do u have to be a member?

Yea, you have to be a member, inless you can apply for 45 cooking or 50 fishing. I dont know why its not.

dude you need sharks, it hits 20 regular and 40’s every now and again, i went for a gander and it just 2 touched me…

I might come for a kbd trip sometime. It seems very fun, but I think I should get my combat to around 80 before I go. You should also post what stuff we should bring for the trips.

While I do not want to join, I would like to help you with swordies. 64 Fishing and 59 Cooking. 300 a swordie seem like a fair price? Becuase you said lobsters are 250 each for you.

i might come to a KBD trip if u guys ever go on one i like to go on those