RSR Lotto!

$$Welcome to the RSR lotto where the green is clean and the cash is fast.$$

Here is the way it will work:

Price Per Ticket:
The price per ticket is 5k per ticket, you may buy up to 20 tickets (100k)

Prize: The prize is of course…the buy in fees. The winner will get 80% and the left over money will carry over to the next draw.

I will be collecting fees along with Flopster0, Please PM us with a time or date and we’ll get back A.S.A.P. Remember we have lives too!

I will be doing the choosing (I am not entering) litteraly out of a hat. The number of tickets you buy is the number of times you are put into the hat. Good luck and Have fun.

Only post here Questions you have!! Do not post Applications/When can I pay stuff. To arange times and dates PM one of the collectors! If you post it WILL be ignored.

I’m sorry, I don’t feel like investing in fiscal darwinism, the dumbest get weeded out fastest.

In english please?

Hey sting. I’m in. I don’t play RS so I won’t be betting but I can help collect the fees. I have no reason whatsoever to steal money because my main got banned so…ya. (it got banned/deleted for no reason)

Sting: He’s Christian I suppose and Darwin is the arch nemisis of Chrisitanity because he was the first to say evolution happened. So he means hes not going to engage in this crap. < His words not mine.

Sign me up for number 2. I’m RSRlotto2.

This may cause another an advantage of winning if they are friends with a perticular person…Not that I am saying any of you would be. I would be investing my GPs in a more reliable source if you guys understand ;). I am not saying you guys are not trustable. :smiley:

As I said, I am picking randomly out of a hat…

I have friends on this site but we could give people numbers and draw them (I can talk to Sting on yahoo. Flop should get it). We should see where this goes.

Even though Flopster is involved in it…

Sting: He’s Christian I suppose and Darwin is the arch nemisis of Chrisitanity because he was the first to say evolution happened. So he means hes not going to engage in this crap.

is what I will do.

Partially right. I think that Darwin was absolutely correct and at the same time am Christian. I’m not so closed-minded as others. I mean that Darwin saw life at survival of the fittest, or, in this case, the smartest. Compared to what you put into the lottery, the possible payoff is very unlikely. Therefore, the more you put in, the dumber you are. Also, the more you put in, the more money you lose, and are less likely to survive/reproduce.

Awwwwww…your so mean Pujols. do it and I’ll make sure you win :wink:

This doesn’t seem standard or fair. Not that I don’t personally trust you, but you could keep the money or set up someone to win. Nah, you need a more open way of doing it, though I don’t know how.

If one of our friends got drawn then it would be purely coincidental.

Maria, You should get MSN, It’s a whole lot better.

I like the number Idea.

Feel free to Pm me and set up a time to collect the fee.

I have MSN. I can’t access it right now in my area. Add me as Mariazipet@hotmail(add the .com)

If you made the ticket price lower then I’ll probably buy some.

wasn’t there a thread like this a while ago? I think so, and that turned out to be a …huge flop, i think.but i would concider participating:)

I don’t think Darwin was talking crap. He had a point. It is actually proven to be true not only through science but through religion.

But Christians everywhere seem to not realize this. All I was saying is that I’m not gonna be in this.

Damn dude! Thats a good idea. Now I have a reason to use dreamweaver again.

I’ll take part as long as a substanial number of people take part.

Perhaps if you take pictures or a video or both of the draw so that everyone is convinced you didn’t cheat.

Like I said I have no reason to cheat. My main (mariazipet) was on the high score list for everything. Check it right now. If you don’t see anything that means I was banned or my account was deleted. I have no reason to cheat and I don’t like giving money to other people. Besides what reason do people have to steal fake money?
Its like that time I robbed the monopoly bank when i was playing my mom and my brother…good times. I even brought out a cane as a gun and put a mask over my head.