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Todays updates introduce a number of tweaks to the RuneCrafting skill.
Firstly we have introduced a new craftable tiara, which can be combined with any Rune Talisman of your choice to create an enchanted Tiara that can be worn in your helmet slot, and which will allow you to enter the appropriate temple simply by left clicking on it, rather than the normal method of using a talisman on the temple.

Tiaras to get to the temples currently accessible by free players are all available to make on free worlds. Tiaras can be made using silver bars with a furnace and a Tiara mould (which are available from crafting stores) and are made using the crafting skill.

Secondly, we have introduced a number of new “combination runes” for members, that can only be obtained by RuneCrafting existing runes together at Rune altars. More details on how to do this are available on our manual page for RuneCrafting.

As this is a process that can involve failure in producing runes, we have also added a new type of necklace (the necklace of binding) which can be made by enchanting an emerald necklace and will allow a perfect binding rate for a limited number of uses.

Finally, we have added a Zamorakian mage to the members worlds who will assist RuneCrafters who have done the Rune Mysteries Quest with a potentially dangerous, yet also potentially faster method of RuneCrafting, but you might first have to do a little favour for him…

This Zamorak Mage can be found by the mouth of the river just North of Edgeville, and also functions as an ‘emergency’ rune shop for those uninterested in RuneCrafting.

Other Game Tweaks

Castle wars has been altered so that players cannot take ANYTHING into the game that is not:

a) Wearable.
b) A potion.
c) A rune.
Players are reminded that stocks of bandages etc are stored in the castles storeroom.

It is now also impossible to cast the alchemy spells in the castlewars area.

We have also changed the behaviour of Paladins so that they should now be more aware of players thieving from various stalls nearby.

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