rsr paint room

Maby rsr could have a paintshop so u can make your own avatar and u can make your own sig too

That would be nice since I’m not allowed to upload a custom avatar pic from my cpu yet…

glad to here somebody likeing this idear

just photobucket your avatar! Duh

It’d be kick A… butt. just they need the programming to do that and i have only see a few sites come close and there not even that good…

i think it will be better on rsr cause all u have to do is make your own avatar and save it to your details

Do you realise how hard that would be to make? The admins are already busy enough.

Some people might make obscene avatars and/or sigs…

Might? You mean people WILL make innapropiate things. It is alot of work and a bad idea.

Oh yeah. There are a lot of perverted people out there.

This paint room could also be a room where u put pictures is your speech so no need for photobucket any more u have a paint room in the same website u what to put pictures it fake pictures even what your rs players looks like so all u have to do is copy then paste it into the box where u paint in its that simple :smiley: