RSR Party Pic :D

W00t RsR part-EY!

From Right: SelaBeiFatale, Un4gvn0, RobotGangsta, Gunz N Roses77. Archas also came but he missed out on pic, and i was in middle.

It was a fun time, I have to admit.

Damit. My head bang didnt make it. I was too early.


My santa owns you.

And jeebus… did you have to use this one?

Keyser’ll kill me lol.

It’s only slanderous if it’s not true, my dear. :wink:

Haha, it’s not slanderous anyway.

He said say something about RSR, so I did. =D

lol you guys like to do random things

Oh, you noticed?

Indeed, that Is true, I dont know why I did the Bunny hop thing, but I guess I did, now that I see it, It looks like I am floating and weeping at the same time. =P

I smell sarcasim, while I just recently started posting in offtopic and starting to know all you :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you invite me?


EDIT: Nothing…

It was in Ari’s thread, everyone was invited.

ya Un4gvn0 and selabeifatale always make other topics offtopic to anything they want.

Yup, and everybody missed it.

PS: I’m in the middle coz I’m special :D.

Oh, you noticed? XD

danm u and sarcasim lol

He noticed!

Took him a while :P.

Hey! He did!

Whaddaya know!

Well I don’t specifically KNOW a lot, but my times tables are faster then yours nub.

AND, for an extra 10 points, IIIII know the colours of the rainbow :D. Beat that!