rsr pk party sport just post here

fisrt ogo and i were just gonna go, then we got cibola, sportfreak, captain zap9 and a few others, and a gai noob: me lol enjoy

more to come

Yea, that was fun…I’ll post my stuff later.

Hold on, Zap and I (mostly him) killed some guy in monk’s robes. Then, we got attacked by a lvl 95 and luckily Capt got away. I tried running but I ran into a large clan and got owned! :D. Here is the picture I got. Note: Zap PKed this, I merely ranged the guy while Zap did most of the damage. The mith large is also from the kill.

Hehe that was fun… Ogo is a true friend… We were being attacked by a level 95 and Ogo had him attack him just so I could run. If that isn’t brave then I don’t know what is.
Here are some pics too.

This guy was at the rune rocks so we thought he as a miner

And this guy was a level 30 something… He had cheese and tomatoes on him lmao!

Ogo and I owned this level 72 and got some things. And I gained a magic level on him too lmao

:smiley: Nice Pics, invite me next time!

But your never on! =(

I don’t think you were on Red :P… And now I am in level 40+ Wildy and I have to get out… Damn this sucks

Do it the fast and easy way, die!
Like me! :wink:

Feel free to invite me the next time you have one… Its been forever since i have gone pking. Nice pics and kills bty… :slight_smile:

Ok people, i’ll be posting the video later, but right now, it’s uploading.

You recorded it?! Sweet!! When I was leaving Wildy I got this kill… Level 54 lol he dropped nothing though… sigh

I was on when the thing happened :smiley:

lol nice pics, looked fun :slight_smile:

Yea, it’s uploading now, but it was too slow…
So ogo told me about google uploading videos, so i’m doing that instead.
Should’nt take too long now…

can i come next time??? im 81 combat =]

I did’nt know about it either…luckily ogo told me.
K people the uploading is 1/3 done…

Captain Zap ur a pretty good mage i see :slight_smile:

lol in case yall r curios, im the noob in black aromor and rune skimmy
ok so this lvl 95 comes and attacs me,creen and ogo cibola and sport logged on me !!! left me for dead, lmfao

When was that?

like when we were T GREATER DEMON SHACK, A LVL 95 ATTACKS ME AND THEY they log im at library gotta go lol twas fun cibola lol