rsr pk trip pictures

lol we got no kills we had some loses though

lol today wasnt a lucky day some ppl were almost killed nad some were killed. hope t ohave a better one next time.

  • Sighs * Y’all died because I wasn’t there! Jk (kinda) :wink:

yeah i know who all got pked

No, it’s actually true…


Not bad, Archas come now!

who liked my kills?
BTW they were noobs

you could have invited me lol. I would have p00n those nooby peeps lol jk. Well next time send a privater messenge and i might come im lvl 77 combat and im a warrior and mage w00t :slight_smile:

here is another picture of us owning a noob

yah not the best in the world…oh well we’ll get em next time

i would’ve came but i didnt have any food because some people(not to mention any names COUGH BOUNDGUN COUGH) killed me before in wild which we were suppose to team

I’ll come to the next one, someone add me. I’m combat level 78 and RSN=Jaguar1230.

at first i thought it was only 2 of u
until i saw purjol pic

Dark, those were people that I met about 3 mins before its not my fault. And I gave your stuff back anyways, stop dwelling on it.

you need more ihhg lvls with yall