RSR Pk trip result and pictures

Ill start it off with my kills…


yuo allready posted those sword

lol i no those are all my kills for today now post urs


i didnt kill any 1

That’s mine. I got a little bored so I made it look like hundreds of people were there… :smiley: only like 7 were…Also RATE MY STATS /10

o ok then if anyone got a pic please post it here!

Just did…

lol evil we owned those noobs and that archer that kept saying i will own you iceman

Rofl he said he put it on vid and then teled lol.
I guess on his vid its gonna say…HOTCHIK 6:“RSR p00ns j00 noobs!”


yeah i wonder where he going too post video at thouge if he took 1

Maybe I should look on RuneHQ