RSR Pk trip

RSr pk trip in 20 minutes
level 30-35 only
Varrok West bank upstairs

how come it’s only lvl 30-35?

err… 30-40 then…
im waiting, and if any1 has spare food PM me in game (eevull)
bring red capes too and a black plate if possible

nah nvm, besides, i’m combat 50

world 19 too

If you want to organize a pk trip - give people more time to post.

srry i dont think i can make it…wait 30-50 only? why set a limit?

the PK trip begins 3:15 i messed up my first post

Edit it so people know…

i did so every1 come plz
arcgas, ar u coming?

3:15 EST or what?

archas is 90+…

make it to lvl 60, then i come

make it from lvl 25-100… i will come on my air blaster pure

nitte, what lvl are you?

ok… i might host one today at 11:00 EST Varrok West bank