RSR pking party screenies

Well, I missed the drop party because I was sleeping… =(
But I managed to wake up at 5:30 and attended the pking afterparty.

I only took 4 screenies, but I’ll post them for the people that missed them, or just some clumsy people that got kicked to death by Iced.
cough Ogo! cough
cough Lutenist! cough

First, I caught the “train” to Edgy, then we went to greaters.
I lost the train, but when I got there, Icedearth525 was kicking Ogo The Fat.
Ogo is in the black clothes, and Icedearth has a rune full on.
After that, he also kicked Lutenist to death, but I missed to get a screenie of that.
That’s me in the red clothes, and the rune scimmy.

Then, after having some fun, maybe pking a non-RSR member for full rune, we headed back.
Everyone followed Icedearth525 to get out of the Wilderness, but we encountered some level 74 n00b.
We all ran to the action.
That’s also me in red and rune scimmy.

This is one of my favorite screenshots.
RSR split up, I went with Eaglesfan and Cyclops.
After arriving at Edgy, I said I have some screenies that I’m going to post, then Eaglesfan murdered me!
As you can see, my health bar is completely gone!
(I know I misspelled “going,” don’t make fun of me!)
That’s me in red.
Lol, that’s not a fake, there’s just a man inside me that Eaglesfan killed.
(that sounded weird…)

Well, after a while, I saw Cyclops and Ogo The Fat at the bank, when Ogo The Fat was asking for phr33 s4n74 from Cyclops, and he let Ogo wear it for about 15 seconds. I wanted to get a screenie of that, but I forgot.
After that, Iced and Cyclops got out their Mime clothes, and showed off some tricks of their own.
That’s me with the s4n74 h47.

Well, then I stopped taking screenshots, and teleported to Fally to maim some White Knights…

Ahh, I missed the drop party, but I pked full rune at the greater demons, believe it or not…

In case you haven’t figured out, that’s all me with in the shadowy box.

I hope you enjoyed the pking party from the view of a level 66 f2p n00b.
Seriously, I was one of the lowest level people there…


Dang, 5:30 in the morning!
Yea, you were the one asking where we were in the wild lol.
Too bad I got owned by tom, or else I would’ve stayed! =(

ahh…yea so that was u. that cool dude person? lol i didnt even know. i heard u keep saying “Crunk Monkey owns” and stuff so i asked where he was and u said u were him



nice pics…im the the first one…im the guy in full bronze…ya bronze owns everything…lol…oo and congrats on the full rune pk…

wow dang 5:30?..well at least u had a good time right?

wow… eagles fan murdered me too right when we got to greaters

lol im in the last pic (the guy in addy wit rune b axe beside cyclops)

sorry that i killed you hocky : ( i thought you were not part of rsr due to u not wearing a cape…i’m so sorry…

I didn’t wear a cape and I didn’t get attacked.
In fact, I had nothing on at all! =p

I wish i was there…

Yes…That was me…
Oh…and the party was 5:00 PM, and I just happened to shut my eyes…till 5:30 PM. :smiley:

wish i was there 2

cools ill die in any pk trip lolz. only cb 72

how come i dont get invited to these partys =[

I’m only 66, like I said.
I didn’t die once…

that was aweome drop party…i feel bad crunkmonkey didnt come…eaglesfan gave me some good stuff…i couldnt come to pk though…phone calls grr :slight_smile:

i wish i came to the pk trip. didnt know it was on though :S