RSR pking trip!

rsr pking trip come to world 14 (f2p) varrok wilderness lvl 1
you must be higher then lvl 40
in about 20 minutes (so you can catch the the food you need) we need magers rangers and meleers you must pk not just tag along you must follow and KILL! you must be able to at least teleport to varrok

i will be ranging lvl ranging 52 combat lvl 78 say rsr when you are there AGAIN in world 14 wilderness lvl 1
add me palidan29 for questoins

                      RSR PKING TRIP CANCELED

the strongest person will lead sorry about the double post

Lol…Were going to stay n lvl 1 wildy? In that case, theres no way im going, if we go to gd’s ill surely come along.