RSR Reunion?

I’m not sure if any of you are interested, but I was thinking we could have a little reunion to possibly go on Runescape for a while and all just hang out together like in the good old days. We could talk of how bring it back and such and just do whatever. If anyone is interested feel free to post a time and place, and I’m not sure how many people still have memberships so it would probably be smart to keep it F2P. Obviously not everyone checks the forums every day so you may want to plan a couple of days in advance so the most amount of people sees it.
Yet again I don’t know if this is something anyone would be willing to do, but I’m just trying to be productive.

Sounds like a great idea to me! Although I’m probably going to be dwarfed with my very humble stats among the greats of RSR

You’re still probably one of the more wealthy members of our little rag-tag group.

God, I haven’t played this game in almost six years. I think my main still has negative account time.

If anyone is ever online, join the clan chat “rsr chat”, that’s another thing we have to get active again.

I never used clan chat, always IRC. =/

I never got into IRC, never really knew how it worked. I was never tech savvy back in my RS days, kind of just went with the flow of things lol.

I don’t know about the wealthiest, we have some true market genius’s out there, but I guess I did get one of those first party hats at the then sky-high price of 50k or something, worth quite a bit more now I imagine…

About two years ago blues were selling for hundreds of dollars. Hundreds. I’m sure they still are, but I don’t have any more rares to sell. I sold a red for 230 dollars a few years ago.

So when are we thinking about going on for this reunion?

Aren’t blue party hats selling for like one billion gp or something crazy like that?

I remember when I bought a santa after running barrows for a while. Think I got it for two mil or something like that. Ended up dying with it on. Now I see they are going for like 200 mil, lmao.

Well, something to keep in mind is that your average player has more gold now than they used to. The market is inflated. 20m isn’t a lot anymore. A few years ago, 20m was a lot. Now, not so much. I mean I can make 20m easily without any effort in a week. EASILY make it.

Really? It is astonishing how the market dynamics of RS work, I guess years and years of free gold from goblin drops (and other’s obviously) adds up… haha

Sounds like a good idea. The weekend would be the best time for me. I work until 5PM (est) during the week, then have class until 10PM.

I’m not going to be home this weekend, but how about we start doing it every Friday or Saturday night from 9 P.M till whenever EST? The sooner events like this start happening the sooner RSR will be back to normal.

Why is the market so inflated? I mean in other MMO’s I have played I have never seen a market inflate to that extent. I am assuming it has to do with the exchange?

I haven’t played Runescape in a long time, but I would be perhaps willing to meet up with you guys in-game.

As to the inflation of gold, hasn’t Slayer made an impact, or something with one of the skills? I’ve heard that it’s easy to get drops on the order of tens of thousands of gold just from killing one monster.

I’d be down for something. My schedule varies a lot, so the best thing for me is to determine a date, and then I can see if I can make it or not.

Basic economics shows us that their market system of making more than you spend will ultimately cause an inflated market.

In RuneScape we were always taught to never die, to not bring expensive things with us if they were “Expensive” to us still. This system is ultimately what inflates the market. The average player makes way more gold than they ever lose. More players keep playing, logging in and earning more gold than end up quitting.

On topic: I won’t be able to ever come on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays. Fridays I can come potentially if it’s pretty early. Don’t schedule around me, but I just thought I’d throw my dates I can’t make it up there.