RSR thanksgiving cw party!!!

well… i suppose to throw a CW party for all of us! here r the details…

where do we meet? right outside cw world 9!!

what time and day is it?:it’s tomarow (tuesday) at 4:00 P.M eastern

who is coming?: well who ever wants to! just PM me or post on thread if u want to go! ALSO tell me what team u want to be on!

what will we do?: play cw duh… and also there will be a conga line from cw to catherby! so come to the party!

team Zammy:
123 josh.f

team Sara:


if my membership hadnt expired i would come

:slaphappy sjh91

What the hell, sign me up for Saradomin

I might be able to make it…well if i can ill be on zammy

ok im glad some people are comin lol…

count me in zammy team :slight_smile:

ok, now we need more sara people lol…

ill join sara my rs name is bam3123

I would go, but I’ll be at work. :mad:

you should change the time to 5pm eastern 4pm central becuase not everyone gets out of school at 3pm central like me.

me wants to be on sara…I can take a break from merchanting…im noly 62 cmbt tho…so…yea

well everyone i g2g for about and hour so post what team u wana be on and ill put them on list as soon as posible!

Team Saradomin
RSN: Spectorspam

hope to see you guys there!


oooo, I might be able to do a round of castle wars during that time. can play on the zammy team?

Count me in penguins :].
RSN: goldmoose
TEAMA: Zammeh

I would like to come. My rsn is neobird43 and I wanna be on sara’s team.

:frowning: I think its too late for me…Sorry.


Whats that GMT?

to bad my membership stopped 2 days ago =(