alright i want to get to the bottom of this rumor… who started the rumor of me being sickmate’s gf… i really wanna know its really getting on my nerves… ps to mods i didnt know where to put this

wow, you arnt?!?!?!?!? jk ;D

it might have bin a joke? or some 1 trying to get even wiith you for somthing you did? coughNICK=PUJOLScough jk lol…but it might just be a joke lol

Eh, it’s probably true LOL.
Just kidding Roe, you know I hate you.

And brown wall, it wasn’t me…

Wtf? People say stuff on there all the time. I had to get over the comments about the kkk.

Naa, you’re not his boyfriend.
Ignore it O.<

Well, if you aren’t then don’t let them think that. Who know’s who it was…? As long as you know you aren’t then that’s all that matters.

Why do you care? Honestly, its the internet, GET A FLIPPIN’ LIFE.

Jesus, you’ve got to be kiddin’. Maybe you should go tell mommy the mean little boy with coodies tried to kiss you over Runescape and see how hard daddy smacks you in the face.


y dont u just go and f off if u dont have ne thing nice to say eh? jeez its people like u who make me sick



pujols plz dont post in this thread…

Lol. Roe he has a right to post where ever he wants. Its a free forum (except for the rules)

How about…


yea i know but its just the fact if he is gonna be a big jerk y cant he go and do it somewhere else

I don’t know. Can you atleast use the word why instead of y. I get really angry when people do that on a forum. Its ok for something like msn or aim but on a forum atleast use words instead of letters.