rune crafting company

dose ne 1 want to make a rune crafting company we can make the runes and sell them! :lol:

Sure, that sounds like a decent idea.

ok add sir bell220(me) and ferrari2060 (my m8 whos helping) :lol:

Ok, what is both of your runecraft skills?

well my rune crafting lvl is 3 but my m8s (the 1 whos helping owt) is 11

LOL, good cause mine isnt much higher. Mines lvl 15.

omg if you need some serious amounts of air runes call gandolf1561 while you have the essence, I have 40 runecrafting. Heck if you get the essence and then deliver the essence at a half way point to the closest bank i will do it. I really need level 44 runecrafting so i can make nature runes. This offer dissappears once i reach that level.

I will make Runes from runessences for you fellow’s,Im 30 R\C

ok you can both help to make the runes you will get some of the profit. :roll:

u dont get it all but u get a lot :slight_smile:

i help m rune crafting is 36 so i can make alotof air runes or wut wver u want.
my rs name is aznpirate
how much it pay and cn y provide ess

Well than, this is all coming together. Look forward to it.

i will share the profits out evere week :smiley:

ill help, if you provide essance then ill run them for you and give you the runes (im not bothered about getting payed, just want exp) im 36 rs

i’ll do it for free if you provide the rune essence.

ok we will suplie all the rune ess :smiley:

I will help,look in my sig for my runecrafting and my username is Giledaled.

jonny send me a message in the game. i’m on now.

If you need any more help, look me up. You can see my rc lvl in my sig.

I’m Level 24 Runecrafting I can help if you want