Rune Dragon

In the new update there were bronze, iron, and steel dragons. Also, Rune?

Nice 9.9/10

Can see some bronze/iron part’s to the dragon still :slight_smile: :lol:

Give it a level…

Thats my dragon staff. :slight_smile: in inv…

Make it level 465 and then a dragon dragon lol…

erm, how can you see bronze parts? it was an iron, and where is it that you see the original color of the dragon?

Front left toe. Right wing lower inside feather.
Nice pic though, what you reckon the drops would be?

there. i fixed it. look better now?

Probably dragon kite or body…

yea slortar is right (sorry elfwin forgot you had asked that) or maybe full helm, but it is too strong for full helm perhaps

They drop dragon legs.

Depeding on the dragon, thats what type of bars it dropps.

Also dropps addy 2h and addy baxe.

Some few other necessities also , No kite or full helm.

10/10 nicely done… Geez… That makes me shudder thinking about if that dragon would ever exist… Man… Wonders what it’d be like if Jagex implements a dragon with dragon armor… O_O;;; That would be scary…

cool,your pics are gettin good

Nice pic!
8/10 8)
Your pics are getting REAL good.

NICE PIC MAN :!: :!: :!:


NIce Pic Man!

Man they look so scabby, but if you found them and your wearing a d sq and d med near them then thats a 10! :o