rune ess

Me and friend dao are selling 50k rune ess. We aint done yet but if we could get some buyers here we might be done withing a week maybe. We might be selling 50k ess every month or so if u want the ess to just keep coming every month just let us know. Out screen names are sagoz and dao124. give us a holla on this site first then if we like wat u givin well talk to u on rs. We are selling 30 each.

well well be dettin 50k ess but offer ur own price

I was wondering why your selling rune ess for 30gp I could easily get it for 10-20 per no problem

cause no1 sells for 10 eachaybe 20 but if we sell for 30 we make more…duh

ya but you have a less chance of selling it

Man, some ppl have problems putting stuff in the right forums.

you should only sell for 20cause then you’d get more buyers

wrong forum and 30 ea is way to much

If you sell for 30 each, you may be making more per ess, but you won’t be able to sell all of them. Then what good is all of that ess if you don’t have a buyer. The market for ess is a lot lower than 30. I suggest 10 - 20 each. That way you can sell all of your inventory, not just some.

ill buy 20gp each 1k only

if i had money id buy axe and get my own then sell them for 18gp each just to make some ppl mad

just a tip the more you sell the cheaper the price put like 10-100 ess bought 30 100-500 bought 20 500-1000 15 bought and 1000+ like 10 or somthing your still making a good profit

k then we are now officially selling for 20 ess since you all had such an impact on my decision and demonspitfire the names sagoz add me ill sell u 1k ess.