Rune Kill!

I was out in the wilderness with my team when a 41 started ranging me. My friend attacked him while I ranged him dead. Here is the loot.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

thats a really good loot. good on you :smiley:

nice pk 8) i wish i had full rune RS hates me i died 2ce in same week :frowning: :evil:


i want my rs2 stats and items on my rsc player, i own on rs2, i wanna pk on rsc but my stats are rubbish.

nice stuff!

nice kill :smiley: raneged lvl?

if you help me get some stuff on rsc, ill pk with you :slight_smile:

i could prehaps

KBDC ill give you an r2h i dont need i ahted that game, my acc is pureking44 but you have to find me i think im in fally east bank msg me with time and date lol…

Why do you still play RS Classic?


Thanks, Island.


cool not that easy for a rune kill they rare so nice :smiley:

I have officially retired the character shown in the picture. He was 40 - 57 - 40 with 40 ranged.

I then created a new character, 40 - 60 - 40 with 43 range and retired him as well.

I now have I Sable I, stats are in sig. He owns something incredible :slight_smile:

well good job on that kill even though it’s from november… and i guess good job on making ur new character to

nice kill! Is all u do Pk on rsc?

~:crazy: spartan

No. I also make magic ammies in mass amounts and sell them, and I also spend a lot of time selling the items I pk. I also do some merchanting. Just today I sold my santa hat for 1.2 mil + 6 addy 2hs and then I bought a new santa for 1.2 mil. 6 shiny new green swords for me! :smiley:

lol bob!!! I died 6 times in one week all on my lvl 75 char!!! It might be because i suck or just because we had a rival pure ranging clan that owns all! Well i don’t know! :banghead: <------ my official smilie :slight_smile:

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well this is a good pk lol gratz archas again …