Rune Sale!!

rune scimmys for 27kea or 26k if you buy 5 at a time!
rune kites for 49kea or 48kea if you buy 5 at a time!
rune legs for 49kea or 48kea if you buy 5 at a time!
rune plates are 69kea or 68kea if you buy 5 at a time!
Happy buying!
Sorry i had to change my selling format because im getting more stock and planing to get more items!
I have a few items in stock but when you place an order i will have your order sooner or later!

noxx i buy all kites

where are you and what world?

I kno you dont have this posted up there but do you have any chance of gettin a rune plate and rune legs??

ill take 1 kite 1 scimmy

addstm i hope 5 kites will do but you can buy more if you wish
sptcrt i might be able to get one
sharperthensharp sounds great!

k. ty…

ill get a scimi plz come on now world 17 rsn =merchant flm

Srry cant get on right now my main just got banned ill try later…

omg lol thats so dam annoyin

i will buy a rune scimmy and a rune kite

whats so dang annoying Youre using horrible language

If you would have read the above post you could have discovered i was banned for 6 days and cant sell the rune items. Please read before you post.

i meant this post

he just said being banned is annoying.

When you do get unbanned, I’ll take 5 scimmys and the r2-h.

ok. i thought you meant that waiting is so dang annoying .sry. i misunderstood

its ok
and jarjarisgod sounds good!

so you will be unbanned around friday???

lol stop spamming the dudes thread