~ Rune Scim PK, just for Ogo ~ :p


There were 4 or 5 of us at the rune rocks. 2 or 3 others, much higher levels, fought us in non-multi. Ogo and I chased a level 100 east of rune rocks, where Ogo fought him until he had to run, red-barred. I started heading back to the rune rocks to help the clan when Ogo pm’s me that he died to a level 62. I run back to Moss giants, where I kill the 62 to get Ogo’s scim back:

ROFL, nice story and nice kill but wouldnt he drop two scims or protected?


niiiiiice @@@@@

He protected his battleaxe.

^^aww that sucks
but good job on getting back ogo’s scimmy

gj getting ogos scim back. good story as well.

thats nice of u arch lol

yup i died to a lvl like 85 or 90 or something

i was mad then… i dunno why tho :smiley:

Rofl u pmed ogo saying lvl 100 got his scim =P

lol way to go arch

And i thought i taught Ogo not to pk high level…

arch your such a good person. :smiley: lol.
yeah yeah. soon enough my pure will p00n.
but my main already owns lol haha.

I thought the level 100 got the kill, lol…