rune scimitar

1 time i go in whildy,sobody 1 lvl higer ttack me.
i had chances to lose but then,1 mage help me
then he whose ded!
but then the mage start atacing me
i take the rune scimitar then i run back to dont die
then i eat some swordiez end get back to take his stafs
i find 153 steall arows end some fud
then i get out the whidy end tri an monsters mi new scimitar

nice u should usally never trust preople who help u and dont askcause they cam turn on uif u hv low health

Wow, nice story. At least you were able to get the rune scimitar and then run out and then get some of his/her other stuff.

i now it was a litle hard when the mage atack whit 12 hp at time

Just one thing: Learn to Spell!!!

This is the worst bit of spelling I have ever seen!

its a litlle hard you need many stafs for 1 spell not like in
rubies of eveintide

Many stafs? What are “stafs”?

i mean speals

Dude you just spelt it wrong again!! What grade are you in like 3rd?

wat ever

There’s no way he is in 3rd, 3rd graders can spell better. I’ll go with either a 1st grader or kindergardener. I would say a preschooler, but that would be too insulting for them.

I didnt understand a word you said!!!

lol, i didn’t understand the last sentence he typed. “end tri an monsters mi new scimitar” can someone tell me what that says? (i’m serious)

omg!!! so much bad grammer rubbing off on us. he should have this topic removed. less his bad kindergarden grammer rub off.

Hey sportfreak i’m in 3rd grade you got a problem with that?I think this kid is in 1st grade.

or he doesn’t speak English like me,tjeezes


i dont trust anyone in wild

Yeah Expect Everyone Is Going To Kill You That You Meet In WIldy & You’ll Be 99.9% Right.


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