rune scimmy and 2h kill

This kill is from magingkilla, a lvl 41.

I was fighting this guy, a person wearing monk robes, iron kite and helmet, but went to bank to get more food and arrows. When i came bak, he was fighting another warrior. when the other warrior was eating, i pjed,:smiley: , and hit him a 9, 7, 3 or sumthing like that and he died! The other warrior started hitting me and i fought bak, he ate and another mage hit me, so i ran.
So here the rune stuff is! :smiley:
So the moral of the story is…always PJ!!! ( JUST KIDDING )

Pile pic please…

o, srry… I keep on 4getting…=’(

very nice kill better then wot i can do :frowning:

Congratulations, I will believe you on this one but try to get a pile pic.