Rune stand!

Items for sale

Nats: 300each - 750-1000,
315each - 100-1500

Deaths: 270each - 1000
280each - 1000-1500

Chaos: 135each - 1000
150each - 1500

Orders: (your order will be completed within 2 days of ordering)

  1. 1k deaths and 1k nats- goldmoose
  2. pinboy- 1k deaths
  3. loviken - 1.5kdeaths

Price will increase/decrease depending on the day’s prices
Max’s on all are 1.5k


Laws, Ill take 1k, do you accept items? Like…Big Bones or something I can kill for in f2p?

i would accept 1k b bones fro 1k laws or 320k

So you buy 320ea? Is that it? Well, if it is, Ill sell to others and get money and buy from you.

what i meant is
u iether pay me 1k b bones, or 320k
i prefer cash tho

ill take as many death runes as you can give me for 270 each

1,5k deaths

ill be a perm buyer of deaths runes 260gp each add me in the game :slight_smile:

i will tkae 3k deaht runes

pinboy- if u notitst the minimum prices of deaths is 260each.
Shaki- ill put u down for 1.5k deaths because that is our max.

all orders will be in by sunday

BORTITO will you take my order of deaths for 270ea? as many as you want to sell me is fine

1k deaths p1ox

this guy isnt ever on and he doesnt respond to posts i think hes a dud

woh. watch ur mouth. i was gone for 2 hours! u know my life isnt rsr.

Yes ur order is up there if u look!

hey dont forget the short one

srry i lagged it got added

thanks d00d, just pm me when ur ready Short_man1 i got the dosh

i’ll take 500laws plz

fine then i’ll buy the max of deaths runes please. o nvm just make it 1k deaths runes please.

ok all orders will be in by sunday.