Rune weapons.

I am trying to decide what Rune weapon to buy. I have 49 combat with 41 strength and attack and 40 defence. Please vote in the poll or reply.

well u can tell what i think u should get. the scimmy gives pretty fast xp and its fast and accurate.

scimmy all the way.

b axe, it hits higher than any other weap exept 2h but its a bit slower than the scimmy

rune scimitar cause it hits faster

Scimmitar only because it’s faster. Sure the b-axe does more damage but that is offset by the speed and accuracy of attacks.

rune battle axe dude, they so toatally rock!

I would go for Rune Scimitar, Its fairly cheap, Does pretty nice damage, speedy… Go for Scimmy.

Scimmy 100%

i had a baxe, scimmy was much better

Hey, Rune B-A has high crush-Attack bonus, and everyone should know that rune fulls (w plate and full helm) has more slash and stab bonuses than crush, so i think B-A should be quite tough against rune fulls. And same things with 2 h, remember to use crush against full armor guys.

But my opinion is still Rune Long, I like it VERY much! It’s slightly slower than scimitar, but it is more accurate and str bonus is bigger. I have myself 2 scimmys, 1 long, 1 2h. I recommend long coz I like it=)

PS. Long has more def. bonuses than scimi bytheway :wink:

i think rune long…

yea but its slow

scimmy is best!

Scimmy. No question. Best rune weapon.

scimmy all the way!

well…illbuy a rune scimmy and see which 1 i like better

I should say get all three of them. Though I like the sword the best.

ya i was thinking getting all 3 to try out but that would cost a bit, bout 50k…and im saving for someting more inportant rate know

I just love the speed of the scimitar. Then again I’m a ranger.

well when the skimmy and battle-axe are acclaimed by players…players are the ones voting…i think those two will win. personally, i like the skimmy