I am extremely happy with the new update to crafting. Here is what I have figured out:

Mud runes: Water and earth
Lava: Fire and Water
Dust: Earth and Air
Steam: Water and Air

Ok, say you want to make dust runes, and you want to go to the earth alter. Bring an earth tally (obviously), an air tally, rune essence, and air runes (the same amount as rune essence). Use the Air tally with the alter. you will lose the air tally. It is random how many runes you will get.

The good part about this, the main reason I like it is because it saves inventory space: Lava runes can substitute as Earth or fire runes. Therefore, you can have 20 lava runes and be able to use them as either fire or earth runes.

yea cool. though theres already a few topics on this.
i do like the new updates. makes life a whole lot easier for RuneCrafters.

wow u figured that out already?? that just came out a few hours ago lol

me thinks that steam is air and fire…anyway, those runecrafting updates were crap except for that zamorakian mage thingy and the fact that the runes respawned faster in the mage guild…makes bloods easier to buy

lol yea i think the new runes are useless…and i dont like tiaras much.

U not a tiara sorta guy Chaos?
and steam should b fire and water shouldnt it?

I would still need to understand all of these new rune updates but yeah since im sage, sorcerer and all, I’m looking forward to runecrafting even more than before!

i dislike the update because the tiara has failing attempts so u would make less runes than haveing a tally, this is because we cant use necklace of binding

Nice Updates they are! RC used to be hard and boring, now it is a little easier!

well…its not any less boring u just get a snazzy hat and an extra space =p

actually, before these new updates…i enjoyed runecrafting…these new updates make runecrafting sorta confusing

i don’t like the runecrafting nemore… plus i don’t even now how to make a tiara with a rune talisman in it… like air tiara… i can make just plain old tiaras…(can some1 help me with that?)

Though the updates might be good they bad to me complicated :S

I like those new tiaras…its a lot easier to runecraft now:)

The tiaras don’t make that much of a difference. I mean, they only give you one more space in your inventory to hold ess. And I like hte new updates. I can’t wait to use the new runes once I become a member, that is if I ever become a member.