RuneHead Member List

I am officially starting a new members list to try and re-kindle the old RS flame here at RSR.

If you wish to have your name added to the list, please fill out the form and post it here.

RS Username
Current Rank

Once we implement new ranks among the site I will update the member list.

To view the list, visit this site:

I’ve not been to runehead for a looong time, I was actually going to do this but you beat me to it! hehe, does it keep up with name changes or is that manual input?

RS Username - Waynetta
Current Rank - God

RS Username - Dr4g0m1r
Rank - Champion

that is a manual input, so we will have to tell them that if they change their name they will have to come back here an inform us.

RS Username - Skillin Fox
Rank - Global Mod

RS Username- bizzzzzzzzzz (that’s 10)
Rank- Legend

RS Username - Pujols050
Current Rank - Beast

rs username- RuninTurtle
rank- unbanned id be a legend right now idk

RSN - Exklam
Rank - Whatever that says

RSN - Robotgangsta
Rank - Supreme Unquestionable Overlord


Rank-Global Mod

RSN - Spunie

Rank - Jr. Member?

Killakot & Global atm I guess :o

Forgive the double post, but maybe this sticky should be replaced or edited then?
And how about this sticky?
We still got a homeworld? And irc-chat?

IRC: #runescaperealm
In-game clan chat: “Rsr Chat”

the critters, not very active but still on. rank member

Im f2p but hey.
Rank awesome.

RS Username: Masteroa
Current Rank: Member

All added.

RS Username - Bumike99
Current Rank - Elite Member

And added.