The Runeins have no people yet but i am hoping to get some. The Runeins are a group of people on an Island that are devoted on our homeland…Runescape. we can do anything we want except break the King of Runeia’s rules.

 I would like it if i could get the website running and have forums on it. also if i could get members to help me with it. that would be great if i could get 20-30 members to help me with the site. also if the members would want to join this clan. you dont have to its just a suggestion to join this clan but the memebrs to help me with making adjustments to the site and pointers on it that would be great! 

thanks for your help.
(P.S.) I am the King of Runeia!

ill make an alliance with your clan. my username is legends mine.

long live the zelmite clan!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

an alliance…the Zelmite clan is it not? with the Runeins caln? hmmmm pm me about the details

This is a noob clan dont join waste of time :twisted: :lol:

indiana…your a gay mofo that wont shut the hell up so get outta this world ahole. go to hell as well, you dont belong in the good world you deserve the bad world hell!!

hahahahaha you jsut got cussed out!

i said no but u could improve the clan

I had no idea there were clans on runescape…

you can make clans on runescape yes. and im not that great on improvement…could you pm me and give me some hints? :?:

for the people who are already in clans dont look at this and vote no…please…thanks

bumping the topic…i need more members!!!