runes for sale

i have like 403 runes for sale but it might go up when i get on runescape i want higher than 10K for runes i earned them from killing dark wizards

what type of runes
and if they are mind runes then ill buy them

from what i know about so far i have earth nature air fire cosmic water body
chaos and mind runes but how much do you want them for i got 64 of them so far but still getting more at the moment

Could u get some laws??? then ill buy

i got a few laws how much you want for them

il buy the laws for 5k add me smithy4500

i’ve got 9 of them so far

If u could get me some more ill buy for 250-300 ea.

5K is not enough for my laws to sell to you you noob

Man no deaths …:frowning: