i be selling my m8eys 5 nature runes, 18 choas runes, and 10 cosmic runes highest bids win chaos bid starts at 100gp cosmic bid starts at 1k and nature bid starts at 500gp

i will bid 100gp on the chaos runes

message me at jkid219 on runescape

I bid 140gp on the chaos runes

ill bid 300 on the chaos
Runescape name: Jacckk

bid will remain open 4 1 more daay plz post ur final bids now

500 for all choas

i bid 600 for chaos. :stuck_out_tongue:

this bid will close at 6:00 2day peeps so get ur bids in

700 :twisted: :twisted:

800 for the chaos :slight_smile:

i bid 200ea for natures